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Dedicated to helping you reach your individual fitness goals. From weight loss, strength training, tone up for definition or building lean muscle mass.

Client Focus

Every client has their own idea of fitness so its important to tailor workouts around each client. No big box one workout for all.


Multiple payment plans and options available. Monthly, bi-weekly or for the day. You don't have to be a member at the gym to train but ask how you can get a free one week trial at the facility and free training sessions!


Joe M

"I have played basketball my whole life, from high school, college to playing semi pro. With that i have had multiple trainers who showed me many different dynamic workouts to get me in shape for basketball season. When my time playing came to an end i wanted to see what i could do with my bod since i had been lean for most of my life. i went to many different trainers who promised this and that but i never saw the transformation i was looking for. After hearing great reviews about Greg and North South Training i gave him a shot and have been working with him for about 3 months now. I thought i was doing most of my workouts right but after working with Greg he has corrected my form and has given me so much incredible insight towards changing my body. I have gained 20 lbs of muscle and never felt better!

Molly B

"Within a month i noticed so much increased muscle tone from my workouts with Greg. He was always ready to push me to the next level and help me keep realistic but challenging goals. i was always motivated to work my hardest at our sessions."

Rich & Chris G

"My brother and I started training with Greg regularly every week, the workouts were always fun and challenging. Each session we focused on a different muscle group and i could feel results immediately. Greg is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated he is to his business and more importantly his clients. He has given me the tools and education to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

Christine G

"Greg helped me prepare and train me for my first natural muscle bikini competition. He is an amazing trainer who is very educated and knowledgeable about fitness, exercis and nutrition. During my time working with Greg he helped me loose 20 pounds and gain confidence for my first show."

Phil P

"I signed up with Greg because i had no clue what to do in a gym and felt it would be safer to have a trainer than going on my own. My first day with Greg was one of the hardest thirty minutes I have ever had. The next few times I was so sore I thought my limbs were going to fall off. In the subsequent weeks, not only did I get better I started to feel better and see results. I had loose goals with Greg and he was bale to help me gauge where I wanted to be. I wanted to be under 300 pounds and learn to eat better which we did both. Greg was the right trainer for me to hit those goals. Not only was he my trainer, over the course of the time we spent together we became friends. I started to take pride in how I looked and it helped to have a person at the gym, no matter what he was doing, acknowledge that i was there and say hello. It made going to the gym better and in turn, made me a better person not only physically."

Testimonial Continued

Nick M

 "Greg helped me build muscle and help me get in great shape for my season as a college hockey player. He did great at changing up the workouts and pushed me to be a better athlete. He is very prepared and does a great job with making the workouts to fit the goals of his clients." 

Alycia C

"When i first decided to go with personal training, it was when i felt completely unmotivated and felt i lacked any shape. I was at a relatively healthy weight but wanted to tone up all over and gain confidence. That's when i set myself up for my first personal training session with Greg. When i started i weighed 119 lbs with around 17% body fat. Greg was always patient but firm and never made me do any exercises that made me feel uncomfortable or too difficult for where i was at. He always made sure i pushed myself to the best of my ability, achieving the best possible results. After a year of consistent training and proper dieting, I weighed in at a solid 125 lbs, down to 14% body fat and gained 4 inches of muscle around each leg. I finally looked in the mirror and was so proud of what i was looking at and had never felt better!"

Eric B

"From day one Greg created a great foundation with my workouts to help me achieve my goals. He first worked on fundamentals- mobility, balance and core strength. From there he was able to increase the intensity and difficulty of my workouts while still making sure my form and basic fundamentals were solid during every drill. Greg has a very personable and focused approach to training, highly motivating and knowledgeable."



Let us guide you on your journey through fitness

Exercise should never be viewed as a chore, my goal is to provide you with fast effective workouts to help you reach all your goals and beyond. Each client receives custom workouts designed to fit client specific needs and tips on nutrition and full support anytime you need it.

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